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The Surgery Center of Enid is an outpatient surgical center or ambulatory surgery center (ASC). Services performed at the Center are typically those surgical and minor procedures that do not require extended stay. Unlike a traditional hospital setting where a variety of services are offered under one roof, the Surgery Center specializes in providing outpatient surgery.

Across the nation ASC’s are increasing in numbers. Why?

In an effort to reduce the increasing costs associated with health care, these ASC’s are focused on providing quality health care at a lower cost. The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) recognizes the importance of ASC’s in controlling costs associated with health care for Medicare recipients.

With parking right at our front door and a simple admission process, our highly trained staff is dedicated to making your stay as comfortable as possible. The Center offers convenience and ease in a relaxed setting and home like decor. The Center is excellent in providing a comfortable and non intimidating atmosphere for the “little ones”. Pediatric patients are invited to visit prior to the day of surgery to become acquainted with the nurses and staff.

Should you or a loved one need surgery, try the Surgery Center of Enid for the highest quality health care available.

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